ELEMENT M is specialized

Not only a boutique agency with a dedicated A-team of experienced Public Relations professionals, we are specialized and focused on the industries we know best – sports, fitness, health, and wellness. Always “in the know” of what is happening in these industries, we know what the current trends are, where they are heading, who the big players are and how to position your brand so that you stand out from all the rest and further establish yourself as a leader. And, in addition to just knowing who the go-to media are in these industries, we have relationships with them that we have cultivated over the last decade ensuring two-way communication and putting your brand top of mind for their coverage.


ELEMENT M is passionate

Passion is, and has always been, at the core of what we do. From the beginning, ELEMENT M’s Founder set out to do something she was equally as, if not more, passionate about following her junior and collegiate tennis career and dream to play on the professional tour. Whether it is the first time you email or speak with us, to every time we secure a new opportunity, or deliver new media coverage, you can feel our energy and passion for what we do and the opportunity to work with you.


ELEMENT M is strategic

With a media landscape that is quickly and constantly evolving to keep up with the times and competition they have with social media and other digital platforms, it has required those in the Public Relations industry to be more strategic and resourceful than ever before. Thriving under short timelines and fast turnarounds, our road map to your success is always a well thought out strategy that factors in breaking news, headlines dominating media coverage, timeliness, relevance, and positioning of your brand and messaging in order to successfully execute and accomplish your media coverage goals.


ELEMENT M is results-driven

Time and time again, we have been told by those we work that we “make it happen.” With our philosophy of “under-promising and over-delivering,” we are dedicated and driven to producing results. Born natural, highly motivated go-getters, we PRO-actively follow through on finding a media coverage angle and way to produce results. With an extensive portfolio of client media coverage to demonstrate our proven track record, we take great pride in our work and those we work with.